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Introduction and organisation of the day
Jean Harzig, L'Echo

Session 1: Trends in the consumption of fresh and processed citrus fruits

Panorama of the world citrus market: the singular evolution of easy peelers
Eric Imbert, Cirad-flhor, France

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Evolution of the fresh citrus fruits demand
Frederik van der Monde, Univeg, Belgium
Community policy concerning citrus
Raimondo Serra, European Commission
Fruit and vegetables and preventive nutrition
Christian Rémésy, Inra, France

Session 2: Breeding and certification of plant material: towards a new generation of varieties

The new clementine varieties
Francisco Llatser, Viveros Avasa, Spain
Varietal diversification in the mandarin group: the promise of seedless hybrid triploids
Patrick Ollitrault, Cirad-flhor, France

Rootstocks, a key component in sustainable citrus growing
Camille Jacquemond and Franck Curk, SRA Inra-Cirad, Corsica

The Spanish varietal certification system
Luis Navarro, IVIA, Spain
The implications of varietal protection for operators
Françoise Dosba, Inra, France

Session 3: Quality from the orchard onwards: the impact of pests and diseases

The present status of citrus pathogens in the Mediterranean basin
Christian Vernière, Cirad-flhor, France
Citrus leaf spot in tropical and subtropical Africa: a threat for neighbouring regions?
Christian Vernière, Cirad-flhor, France
Mediterranean citrus pests
Serge Quilici, Cirad-flhor, France

Fruitfly (Diptera, Tephritidae), economically important pests for citrus growing
Jean-Pierre Cayol, IAEA, Austria

Session 4: The labelling policy in Corsica and Spain

Promotion policies in the citrus sector
Octavio Ramon, President of CLAM, President of CGC, Vice-President of Intercitrus, Spain
An example of segmentation by origin: the PGI for Corsican clementine
Dominique Agostini, SRA Inra-Cirad, Corsica
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Session 5: Innovative juice production techniques and the bioavailability of micronutrients

Constraints and prospects for citrus juice treatments
Max Reynes, Cirad-flhor, France
Application of the vacuum flash-release process to citrus for the preparation of purées, nectars and essential oils
Pierre Brat, Cirad-flhor, France
Membrane technique application in the processing of tropical fruit juices
Manuel Dornier, Cirad-flhor, France
Innovations in citrus peeling technology: commercial development of fresh cut citrus
Mohamed A. Ismail, FDOC, USA



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